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Sports Club Websites

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How to create a unique Sports Website with Click Sports Media?

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Make a high functioning website for your club in minutes, saving volunteer time & resources, increasing efficiency & creating new revenue opportunities. 

How does it work?

Click Sports Media has the best online website builder for your sports project.



Beautiful templates


Always up-to-date


With the innovative Drag-and-Drop system, designing your website works very intuitively.

We have many unique templates that allow you to build a custom designed website that stands out.

We will let you know of all new features, to keep your website always up to date.

Easy choice


Mobile friendly


Simple editing


We offer the most powerful tools & resources all in two simple plans, providing you the best value for money in the marketplace. We are so confident in what we offer, we invite you to check out the competition....Globally!

Different looks for different devices - create perfect user experiences for your sports website whether your customers are on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can create your website without any programming knowledge, that means no code. Drag & Drop allows you to move any website element easily. If you get stuck, we are here to help you with our wide range of support programs OR initially, let us build the site for you, so all you have to worry about is mainatining it during the season.

Click Sports Media's intuitive technology allows you to create a website all by yourself.


You don't have to know any programming language or use software, with our Sports Team Website Builder you can add, move and customize every element.

Our Best Features:


Club branding


Online shop


Rich media


Gurantee brand consistency; you get to control how you get seen. We give you the tools to ensure your brand matches what you want your club to stand for, from a professional website address to emails in your club name & colours that match your clubs brand.

One click payments with the ability to add unlimited & categorized listings makes it easy to create contactless food ordering, bar sales, event tickets, game entry, memberships & merchandise with full stock control capabilities.

Boost engagement with your club by adding new content on a regular basis. Upload videos, stream audio, create image galleries, and connect your news blog. No need to wait for someone to do it from an agency, its so easy you can do it all yourself.


Sports graphics


Events, ticketing & booking system


Club Chat 


Take advantage of our "bolt-on" Boxout Sports Graphics platform. Our software assists sports organisations at all levels produce stunning sports visuals in seconds to increase & enhance the fan experience, sponsor value & club engagement.

Keep users in the loop & improve attendance by adding events to your website.

Users can RSVP for events, add them to their own calendars, create reminders & pay for tickets.

Utilise our suite of best practice communication tools to ensure your messages gets through to your players & fans. We give you an initial credit to use our SMS & email platforms saving you hundreds of dollars if you were to buy them separately. 


Choose a beautiful template for your Sports Website

Find a template that reflects your style and start creating a unique sports website. You can either choose to keep the template and fill it with your content or get creative and customize your own from scratch by personalizing each element to build a professional sports website. You are free to do whatever you want with it!​

Add a widget with one click and you're already online!

Our Sports Website Editor will turn you into your own website designer. From the menu on your left choose to insert text, images or any other element you need. Drag the elements into your workspace and personalize them to suit your website's style.


Your website optimized for all screens

Your website will be optimized for all screen types and sizes. Our mobile version editor enables you to modify your site for all your customers' devices ensuring flexibility and an excellent user-experience for your players, fans and sponsors.

Find out more about your visitors


Stay on track of the most important statistics of your sport's website: the average number of visitors, the average duration of each visit and the most searched words in search engines that lead to your website. You have higher standards? Get more detailed information by simply converting the website into powerful analysis tools like Google Analytics and Shinystat.


Create an online store and start selling instantly

With our online stores, managing your online sports club becomes a breeze. Create a beautiful online store and showcase your products, track your player and fan orders, provide different payment options and offer discounts and coupons for the best sales results.

Many payment options


Secure payment


Your customers have the option to choose from multiple payment options such as: Paypal, credit card or their debit card.

​We guarantee maximum security in payment procedures, you can offer your customers to pay with PayPal or our through our SportsPay portal.

Low Rates


Integrate Social Networks


We offer the most competitive transaction & service fees for your e-commerce platforms, ensuring that funds are transacted safely and you get to choose when you receive your funds.

Connect to a wider audience by integrating your online store to your social network accounts.

Build our sports website for us.