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Professional club branding, mobile friendly websites, TV broadcasting for amateur sports, social media management, professional sports photography and sports event packages. Click Sports Media.....its time for more than just a website.




We have a portable and affordable solution that enables sports teams to record, broadcast and analyse matches and training sessions without the need for a camera operator.



A set of turn-key digital systems & tools that are built for your club to high sports performing standards.

After building your new professional digital presence we coach you how to create, manage and deliver your club's digital assets to Attract, Engage & Retain more players, supporters & sponsors!


An effective digital strategy & brand positioning plan will deliver your club new players and more supporters, maximising your revenue objectives.


We have found overwhelmingly that, the clubs that have a clearly articulated brand and marketing strategy are the most successful on & off the field.

We work with your club to reposition your club's brand, providing a comprehensive playbook that ensures your club is recognised for truly what you stand for.

You need an effective and professionally designed website to complement and enhance your club's brand.

We build professional looking websites that are aligned to your brand positioning and then coach you to create, manage and edit the ongoing content with a simple to use drag and drop system. No coding required!


Your website will look like it has cost tens of thousands of dollars, except it hasn't. Set yourself apart from the rest of your competition and achieve your club's objectives this season. 

Transform and enhance your social media presence with quality content, regular activity, and increased followers. 

Achieve greater engagement with players, supporters and sponsors by following a turn-key content management system. Our communication protocols ensure seamless messaging to the right people at the right time.


We can also design & manage your paid &/or organic digital media campaigns. 


Our professional team of photographers have been successfully servicing sporting clubs and events all over Australia since 2002.


We offer quality products, timely delivery and an excellent service from our entire team - from the photographers, photo editors and office administration.


Booking a club photo shoot represents a fantastic fund raising opportunity for your club. Your club receives a commission of 10% of sales paid back on delivery of your photos*.


Your club will also get a complimentary photo of every team for the club, presented as either individual prints, on a montage poster or in a yearbook photo album.

In early 2015, our strategic partner  developed an automatic sports tracking video camera and software program that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track the ball of any sport without the use of a camera person.

Now, more than 5 years later, that system has been operating globally and has advanced to a professional level at an affordable price for all sports, indoor and outdoors, large or small fields and courts.

Our mission is to make sport recording and AI analysis available to all sports, no matter the size, financial ability or skill level.

Purchasing a sports video pack also represents a fantastic fund raising opportunity for your club. You receive a commission of 10% of sales paid back on video footage orders^.

Your athlete or playing group need to be educated & have tools at their disposal to handle all social media situations for protecting & enhancing the club, the sport & their brands.


Click Sports Media Managing Director Carson Brooks delivers this humorous program, but your athletes walk away with a serious message and a trusted support system.

Learn how to set up and manage social media accounts to maximise commercial opportunity and the best practice tips to protect your brand.

Armed with The Click Sports Media Social Media Playbook & Coaching Program™ your players will be trained by an expert in professional & amateur sport, brand activation and crisis management.



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When you buy a Click Sports Media franchise, you’re partnering with the only Australian owned franchise brand in the fast-growth, low-cost sector of the digital marketing world.


Our franchise model is a true ‘turn-key’ solution that provides everything you need to get up and running, from photography & video equipment, hardware & software licencing, to systemised operating manuals and extensive training and franchisee support.


Best of all, you don’t need a previous interest, skill or competence in digital marketing to be a success.

We are the number #1 Start-Up Digital Media Franchise available in Australia.

Make a living and lifestyle from your sports passion today!