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Sports Club Websites

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Ph. 04567 499 46

Bourke Crescent, Geelong, Vic, 3220.



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 From ​


 Per Day*

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Australian Owned & Operated. All of Our Support Team Members are located in Australia.


Why Try Building Your Club Website Yourself?We can do it Faster, Cheaper & With Sports Specific Features, All from just $1.09/Day*!


Go "Live" within Just 7 Days.^ 

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We've Made Getting Online QUICK, EASY & CONVENIENT.

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3. Once we have built your site & your happy with it, we will help you launch it with our digital marketing templates.


We will onboard you & as many of your Club

Volunteers as you like.


Our platform doesn't require any coding or technical knowledge to keep

it up to date.


We ensure you get the training & 24/7 local support you need. Our team are all located

within Australia.

1. Choose one of our affordable Professional Sports Website Packages that suits your Club's needs.


Choose Your Club's Website name (Domain Name) Or transfer your existing one.


All of our packages include Free Transfer or New Domain Name Selection, licencing

& registration.


**Our Pro & Pro Plus Packages include Professional Email Set Up, Integration & much more...

2. We build your Club Website & have you "Live" in 7 days^. Our Websites are Mobile, Desktop & Tablet friendly.


We work with you to choose the best design that matches your Club's Brand.


Send us your Club Photos & Logo or we can use stock photos & design you a new Club Logo.


​Check out the other services & products we offer. From Professional Video/Photography, Sports Graphics & Social Media Management, to Club Strategy, Consulting & Print & Signage Marketing.


Make Your Club Stand Out From The Rest!

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What does your Digital presence & Branding say about your club right now?


Are you Attracting the Players, Families, Supporters & Sponsors You Want & Need?


We will transform your Club's perception in just 7 days^ by building you a Professional Sports Website that will Attract, Engage & Retain New Players, Families, Supporters & More Sponsors!



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How many sources of revenue does your club have? Membership, Merchandise, Sponsorship, Bar & Canteen Sales? Are you earning enough to grow your club to where you want?


Click Sports Media has a number of tools, widgets & resources to help you grow, not only the number of your revenue streams, but the profit you draw from them!


From our Tradie Directories & Sponsors Marketplace to our turnkey "Club Eats" Program, we give you the Systems to "virtually" add a new franchise business to your Club!*^



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Running a Sports club requires lots of dedicated people & lots of hours.


Click Sports Media can do the Heavy Lifting for Your Volunteers & SAVE them hundreds of hours per year, boost your branding & improve your Club efficiencies.


Give the gift of TIME to your Club Committee & Volunteers by leveraging modern technology to do the manual tasks that used to take them hours, which can now take them minutes or even seconds!



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Have You retained Your Sponsors through Covid & these challenging economic times?

Have you attracted any NEW Sponsors?


Are You providing REAL VALUE for Your Sponsors or are you just putting a sign on the fence & in your club rooms

(who reads signs anyway?) ?


Click Sports Media have developed exclusive digital portals that drive your members, friends & supporters to your Sponsors, creating real Sponsor Value.


We also help your members by ensuring there is an oppoprtunity for mutual benefit, & what's more, we can measure how well your Club is supporting its sponsors, giving you real leverage over other Sports Clubs seeking the diminishing pool of local Sponsorship Dollars. 

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What else can we do for your Club?



Turn Your Online Presence into a Community Destination.

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Not all features are available with selected packages.  Some features rely on external data or web pages being available to be embedded into your website, not all sporting bodies have their information available for sharing in Australia. Please check with us before purchase to ensure the features you require are available for your sport & chosen package.

​Your Trusted Sports Website & Digital Media Partner. 


We have been helping Amateur Sports Clubs & Professional Athletes Boost their Brand & Online Presence since 2016.



Buy Now Or Call us for a Demo to learn more




​1st Year 

​2nd Year = $399

​1st Year 

Per Year


​2nd Year = $399



✔️Everything in STARTER PLUS....


✔️Up to 4 Professional Emails (Including G-Mail integration set up)

✔️Up to 20 Pages

✔️Advanced SEO

✔️Unlimited Storage


& Email Templates

✔️E-Commerce Store x 1

(eg. Merch)


Integrated Pages

✔️Integrated Sporting

Body Pages (eg. Fixtures, Ladders & Results)

✔️News Blog (One Click to Social Media Posting)

✔️Sponsors Marketplace





✔️Everything in CLUB PRO PLUS...


✔️Up to 8 Professional Emails (Including G-Mail integration set up)

✔️Unlimited Pages

✔️Venue Booking System

✔️Trade Directory

✔️E-Commerce Stores x 3

(eg. Merch, Click 'N' Collect Bar & Canteen Orders) 

✔️Event Ticketing System

✔️Club Events Calendar

✔️Discounted Integrations - (eg. SMS Platform & Club Chat)

✔️Password Secured pages for Committee Document Storage

✔️Player & Volunteer Availabilities

✔️Forms & Task Rosters 




✔️We build your Website, so you DON'T have to!

✔️Includes FREE Domain 


✔️Up to 5 Pages

✔️Basic SEO 

✔️Onboarding Training to keep your Website up to date

✔️Easy to use Drag & Drop System - No Coding or Technical Knowledge Needed

✔️Ongoing Support

✔️Mobile Responsive

✔️30 GB Storage

✔️Video & Photo Galleries

✔️Social Media Integrations

✔️FREE access to

"Playing To Win"

Podcast & Online magazine^^




The Small Print ;)

​* Based on the STARTER package, Paid Annually. All Website packages are annual licences due for renewal at the second & subsequent years, lower rate. The second year does not include new website designs, you can pay a small upgrade fee when you'd like a refresh of your website, we generally reccomend every 2 to 3 years, or by then your a "whizz" & you could do it yourself, heck we may even have some work for you ;) 


We will have your Website "Live" within 7 Days of purchase, subject to the following: You provide us with the relevant content, photos & videos in the correct format within the first 2 days. You will also need to proof the site & be satisfied that you are happy to go live. If you are transferring a domain name to us, this may take up to 18 days from your existing provider.

** If you have chosen either our "Club Pro" or "Premium" Website Plan, you will receive between 4 to 8 professional emails in your clubs domain name depending on your selected plan. For example, if your Club name is "Glenroy Football Club" & your Domain name is , then your emails can be for example:,,,, etc. Create a legacy for your club & have no more missed emails going to personal emails. We will give you the option to use our Sports Webmail Portal or integrate it with Gmail for ease of use, we set this up for you FREE & train your staff/committee on how to use it.

You can also purchase extra storage for your emails as well as extra emails if you need.


*^ We do not warrant the likelihood of success or revenue generation from the purchase & use of any of our products or services. There are so many variables to consider for each organisation, that we simply can't guarantee your success. We do know though, if you do purchase from us, we will give you the best & most suitable solution for your organisation in order to give you the best chance of success. We also WIN if you WIN, happy customers are our lifeline, We will do whatever we can to ensure your set up for success. If you are unsure about engaging us as your Professional Website Partner, we reccomend that you seek further professional advice as to the suitability of our products & services for your organisation.


^^ We are currently in development of our "Playing To Win" Podcast & Online Magazine. This valuable resoucre will be free to all "financial" members of Click Sports Media & available to others at a subscription fee rate. We are currently recording our program with well known Sports Industry Administrators, Coaches & Athletes. Our content will bring you valuable insights into the world of Professional Sport & how you can "Copy & Paste" at a scaled level these incredibly knowledgable sports solutions for your your Club or Association.



We love Your Digital Media Solutions for Our Club

& We have a number of our Sponsors & Small Business connected to the Club that would love to get the same Website, Social Media & Other Digital Media Services that you offer as well. Is that something you guys do?


We Certainly do. Currently, we don't advertise this service, but we are more than happy to help out those connected to your club to enjoy the same benefits in a cost efficient way. Have them contact us directly & tell them to let us know which Club they are connected to & we will look after them the same way we have you. 


Our products & services are incredibly valuable for the investment, so for now we are happy to take your referral, but please dont share the S#&t out of it yet, as we want to make sure we can meet expectations for both our Clubs & Small Businesses & grow organically.


​When we are ready for you to share on a mass scale, we will certainly ask for your help.

In the meantime, "Secret Squirrel" ;)