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Create your own sports website, it's easy. We made it so simple, you can truly do it yourself!

Start with one of our premium themed high quality templates, built specifically for your sport.

Create your own sports website, it's easy. We made it so simple, you can truly do it yourself!

Start with one of our premium themed high quality templates, built specifically for your sport.




www.clicksportsmedia.com  ©All Rights Reserved 2021

www.clicksportsmedia.com  ©All Rights Reserved 2021

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At Click Sports Media, we are committed to providing amateur sports clubs and associations with the most affordable tools and resources to survive and thrive through Covid and come out the other side. Pairing your professional website with our Game Day Sports Graphics Program and Sports Photography Packages is just one way you can really stand out from the competition and take your organisation to the next level! Check out our One Stop Sports Club Shop below.



Caricature Gifts



Club Logos 

Game Day

Sports Graphics


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Our new sports cartoon caricature service has been a popular hit amongst sports clubs & are an ideal gift or an award for your most deserving MVP player, volunteer or sponsor in any sport.


Carefully designed from your supplied photo, we include key elements that relate to the recipient's personality or achievement that you'd like us to highlight.

Our select range are available as hand drawn or digitally designed & printed in a variety of styles & sizes, from black & white to full colour "Sports Trading Card" size to A3 Poster sizes.

We also have a framing service. 

Turning heads with our logo design is what we do.


Now, you can turn the heads of your prospective players & sponsors and impress your competition with our affordable sports logo package.


​Whether its a club rebrand or new team logo, or you simply want to brand something within your club, we can take care of the whole creative process from idea to delivery including the opportunity for you to transform your your new logo into some eye catching club merchandise.



Post TV styled Sports Graphics in just seconds to your website & social media platforms without having to know a lick of coding or graphic design. Deliver complex and eye-catching digital media content such as team line up's, Score Updates & Results, Player Milestone achievements and much more from our pre-selected range of sports graphic templates, available for most sports.  


Buy our Game Day Graphics program (Boxout Sports by Click Sports Media) as a stand alone package or bundle it with your website licence for great savings. 


Professional Sports Photography


Local Sports Media



Sponsorship App. 

My Sports Tribe



Coming Soon.......

Our inustry leading Sports Sponsorship App is due for release towards the end of 2021.

We can't share much about it at the moment, as we are keeping it under wraps, shhh.....


All we can say is, "for a very affordable monthly rate, you can truly provide great value for money for your current sponsors, attract new sponsors & give your players, and supporters more value for their membership.


If you want to be amongst the first to see the full unveiling and foundational pricing, click on the "Learn More" link below.



With more than 25 years experience in sports administration, including a defining 12 Months of working with club volunteers, & a variety of media outlets,  “Media Advisory Services” are our preferred partner for improving your position in the market through their consultancy service.


Media Advisory Services, led by well renowned local sports media identiy Mark Stone can have your club primed to be positioned at the forefront of modern sports media strategy from implementing & broadcasting your very own Club TV shows to event management, community awareness programming, organisational leadreship & sponsorship acquisition.


We have partnered with one of Australia's leading sports event photographers Shaun Patterson of Winki Pop Media to lead our global photography partnerships.​

Our systemised procedures, resources and quality control, ensure that you get the best sports photography service to complement your eye catching sports website, no matter where you are in the world.


​Our global partnerships mean that we have you covered to produce the high quality images you need and we ensure the your local sports photographers have the opportunity to get ongoing work through us and be guided with our industry leading techniques and photography platforms.

Club Chat

Sport Communications



Club Events & Ticketing


Done For You Services


club chat
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Our easy to use Sports Events & Ticketing System saves you time & money.


Your players & members don't have to leave the site to go to another supplier such as Event Brite. The Club doesn't have to pay monthly fees as TIKKY™ is included in our professional packages. Even our transaction fees are so low, they can save you more than 5% compared to other platforms.


TIKKY is mobile responsive & integrates seemlessly into your website. It's so easy to activate, you can even do it yourself.


Use TIKKY™ as your time saving, revenue increasing platform to host events at your club, from Presentation Night, to Themed Events and even Game Day Entry. 


No need to purchase anything extra, just choose  one of our Pro website licences & TIKKY™ its automatically included.


Our purpose built Club Chat communications platform has been developed with the local amateur sports club in mind, using the same mediums that are available to professional sports clubs, but at a fraction of the cost & complexity.


The Club Chat platform is included in our professional website licence packages* and includes access to:


- SMS Messaging (Perfect for sending important messages that you know will reach your audience)

- Email Newsletter - Templates (Great for your regular newsletter, even better for sending out post game results with direct Sponsor links)

- Website Push Notifications (Great for Sponsors for adding value & even monetization. Push notifications appear on your device when you reach the club's website)

- Chat (Great for first point resolution ie. What Time is under 11's training tonight? Perfect for low barrier connection for people interested in joing the club. Facilitated by auto response & your own individuals within the club)

- 1300 (Virtual Number) Perfect for Club's that are growing & need multiple communication methods, including one direct phone number. All calls can be re-routed to a designated mobile (On Duty or department) & have automated features such as answering service, dial # for a club department, & even FAQ's or Cancellation notices. 


No need to purchase anything extra, just choose  one of our Pro website licences & CLUB CHAT™ is automatically included.


All Pro Packages receive an initial credit depending on their plan. Club Chat features can be rechared in small value amounts at anytime. 


*Prices per sms, push notification, email or chat message range from as low as $0.002 (AUD) per message





Our "Done-For-You" Service is the ultimate outsource: book it, pay for it, & celebrate it. 

Its great for those that are time poor or want an extra helping hand.​ Our "Done - For - You" services include the following:

- Website Templates Built For you by our expert designer team

- Social Media Set Up

- Social Media Mangement (Posting & Feedback Management)

- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

- Custom Graphics & Logos

- Google & Social Media Advertising

- Club Chat Comm's Management

- Digital Media Compliance Policies

- Google Anaylitcs & Facebook Pixel Set Up & Reporting

- Translation Sevices

- Volunteer Training

- Workshops & Webinars

- E-Commerce Set Up


See our special Sports Club Biz Partners Program below to learn how local businesses can also benefit from our systemised, low cost digital solutions. 




Sports Debit




Sports Debit is our PCI Compliant, Direct Debit service, available to players, parents of players & sporting organisations globally.


As we exit through Covid & some of the most challenging economic times we have experienced, players and their families are finding it more and more difficult to maintain cash flow and afford sport, fitness & leisure activities.


To ensure that everyone still has access to the many benefits of playing amateur sport, we offer a service where we manage the whole process for you, saving your organisation precious time and ensuring greater compliance & governance in fullfillment of membership & merchandise fees from your players & parents of players, where payments are made on time. 


We also do the follow up work if payments are missed & provide you with regular reporting and payment frequency options. 



Click Sports Photography.....

One Click away.


Done For You Services....

Productivity Tools

Canva Discount & Templates

Sports Journals

Google Workspace

Professional Emails


Secure payment


Many payment options


​We guarantee maximum security in payment procedures, you can offer your customers to pay with PayPal or our through our SportsPay portal.

Your customers have the option to choose from multiple payment options such as: Paypal, credit card or their debit card.

Low Rates


Integrate Social Networks


We offer the most competitive transaction & service fees for your e-commerce platforms, ensuring that funds are transacted safely and you get to choose when you receive your funds.

Connect to a wider audience by integrating your online store to your social network accounts.

Try it for free and create your own website now!

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