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We do the work for you!

Build your own Sports Website without writing a single line of code.

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Create a website that can handle all your club management needs in minutes using our no-code sports website builder.



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  • 100% free to build^
  • Easy to use drag & drop sports website builder
  • Eye catching sports specific website templates
  • ​30 Day Start-Up Success Plan
  • Email, Phone & Online Support

^ No credit card required. Free 14 Day trial.

​* Based on our Annual Licence for the base level package, calculated in Australian Dollars.



How to create your sports club website in 4 easy steps!

1. Pick a template 

Select a sports template pre-loaded with all the features you'll need. Sign up for free, you only need an email address.


2. Brand your site 

Simply change the site colours to your club colours, swap the template logo for your own OR save time by using our widget to pull your club colours from your social media accounts. 


3. Edit content

Add, customize and tweak features and information - all without writing a single line of code. Customize your sports website with more than 100+ elements to enhance the look & functionality of your site. 


4. Easy publish

Our publishing wizard is super simple to make your new sports website live in just a few clicks. Choose your own website name OR transfer your existing one. Choose our Pro Package & get 5 club email addresses included.


Why should our club get a Click Sports Media website?

Most sports clubs have a free website &/or social media presence. whilst this is a no cost solution for your club, is it really the best option for your goals, needs, aspirations & club branding?

Your sports website should be the hub of your online presence, and your social media pages should be viewed as your marketing tools to get your audience to your page.


"At the end of the day, it's much smarter to invest in something you own, than to build on land that doesn't belong to you." Some day the rules are going to change (whether it's a free website or social media) & it could have a major impact on your sports club if you aren't in control. This is why we highly reccomend you invest in our Sports Club Websites & then use social media to drive traffic to your website & grow the right way!

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8 Reasons your Club should have its own Website....

1. A sports club can't get sponsors or sell ad space on a free website or social media pages.


2. Save your Committee & Volunteers' time with our unique website management tools for club management functions, promotion, event management, player registration, financials & club social media.

3. Owning your own website ensures you control what you want your audience to see, you control the branding & your followers experience.


4. Increase Club revenue oppoprtunities & save money with our One-stop shop E-commerce functions.


5. Offer online ordering for Memberships, Merchandise, Events & "Click & Collect" Food & Drinks. Pre-Order Club Meals to reduce wastage, boost engagement & easily conform to covid standards.

6. A sports club doesn't own their "free" website or social media sites. You are at the mercy of the social media & sports platform lords! If they decide to make a change to their platform, it happens without your approval & often without warning.


7. Create & offer sponsors more value by utilising our unique sponsor & trade directories as well as key advertsing banner ads that connect directly with your sponsors. You can even keep up to date with how many of your club's audience are connecting with your sponsors offers & directly encourage more engagement if needed (Sports Tribe App only). This feature alone will make you stand out in a highly competitive environment for local sponsorships.


8. Friendly Support & Training to ensure you can easily manage your website & maximise the use of all the customisations available.​​




Attract, Engage and Retain...

New Players, More Supporters & Sponsors!

Simply choose a template, sign up for a FREE trial or select a low rate plan & within minutes you will be dropping in your team's logo, photos & content for a professional eye catching Sports Website.​ We can even build it for you, so all you have to do is manage the site during the season!


Our websites integrate with popular Sports Apps & League Statistics, so you have everything you need in one place!​

How to create your online website

Designing your sport website has never been easier.

We made it so simple, you can truly do it yourself.

Our sports website builder comes pre-loaded with templates that perfectly fit your club, simply select the template you like to get started. Adding new content like club merchandise, memberships and contactless food ordering is just a drag-and-drop away. Easy and intuitive, it only takes seconds to learn how to use our Sports Website Builder.


Create a Professional Sports Website

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Make a website for your HOCKEY Club

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And many more sports.....



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#sport4mentalhealth - Our Passion

Our driving passion is to help sports clubs, leagues & associations become more sustainable & grow during & post the Covid Pandemic. Our mission is to provide as many sport organizations worldwide with the tools, resources and support to take their online presence to a professional level in the most cost efficient way.


We are passionate about what sports organizations can deliver to our local communities. From improving physical fitness, decreasing the risk of obesity, to improving connectedness, boosting local economies and improving mental heath through sport. The more clubs that can improve their online presence, administration effectiveness and engagement with the community, the more sports participants of all ages will be enjoying the rich benefits that amateur sports offer.


We are currently exploring a number of partnerships with mental health organisations in order to assist in providing better access to mental health support & resources globally, as well as raising the profile and much needed funds to these organisations.


#sport4mentalhealth is what underpins everything we do as an organisation & what we stand for. Subscribe to our Sports Magazine & Podcast "Playing To Win" to access a rich & wide variety of resources, tools & tips to improve the performance of your club and boost the mental health of your fans, players, volunteers & the local community.




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Useful resources from Beyond Blue:


  • Western Bulldogs player Lin Jong opens up on why he needed to take a break  from the spotlight of AFL football.




  • Beyond Blue's Not Alone podcast shares personal journeys of hope and resilience relating to a range of mental health topics. 





What our clubs have to say


"We were looking to upgrade our website & improve our communications to both our players & members. We were reccomended Click Sports Media from another local sports club & are glad that we have partnered with them.


Our lofty ambitions are to grow our club through new players & local sponsors & have been able to achieve that so far  through using our website as our main online presence, supported by our social media platforms that generate traffic to the site. 


Last year we activated the Pro-Package with our own online shop for memberships & merchandise, The Sports Graphics Platform & the Club Chat Platform, with the latter allowing us to easily send our important communications via SMS quickly, easily & cost efficient. By investing in the platform, we have grown our revenues, saved time & enagaed both new & current members in a way we havent been able to before"

"This is our 3rd year straight of engaging Click Sports Media for our website, membership & merchandise shop as well as the sports graphics program for our social media platforms.


We couldn't be more happier with the support, eye catching designs & ease of use of the website & sports graphics. Going from a "Free" website to the professional website we have now has resulted in more engagement across the club, we've increased the number of new players & teams and have attracted more juniors & sponsors.


The low cost investment has been well & truly worth it for us & we highly reccomend any other sports club to purchae any of the products or services that Click Sports Media have to offer."

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Chris Shine,

​President - Geelong AFL Masters Football Club.

Graeme Beaumont,

​President - Geelong City Cricket Club.

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